Jade Bird - "I Get No Joy"

Have you been diggin' singer/songwriter Jade Bird like we have?

The last few months we've been rocking out to her latest single "Uh Huh," and it turns out there's a LOT more where that came from!

Just recently Jade announced her debut self-titled album is coming April 19th which consists of 12 tracks!

Of the album, Jade says:

“This album is my experience, direct and undiluted, of the past two years. Every decision I’ve made has culminated into this magical process, just as every word I’ve written has spun into these songs. It changes in style, like most of my music, and tries to dodge boxes and genres but the consistency is me — a young woman really trying to figure it out.”

Not too keen on waiting all the way until April? Well, lucky for us there's a new song to enjoy right now!

On the new track, called "I Get No Joy, she says: “This song is about the stream of thought that runs through your head at all times as an over thinker. It’s about how that gets in the way of being present in the moment and ultimately ‘getting no joy’ and about the frustration of everyone’s cliché of happiness not making you feel fulfilled either.”

Take a listen to the new track: 

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