New Incubus Album In 2019?

2019 is definitely shaping up to be a big year for new music! Might one of those much-anticipated releases be coming from Incubus?? It looks like it!

The band's last release was "8" in 2017, and it sure seems like the follow up (their 9th album) will be coming this year. 

The band took to their Instagram page to post a time-lapse video of themselves working in the studio with this caption:

“Making music is like an old friend … Sometimes you pick up right where you left off, other times you have to get through some small talk to get things rolling. We have been building out this magical place for the last year and we are very close to creating the art we plan on making this year.”

So this definitely sounds like the next album could have a release in 2019, right? I guess we will see!

Check out the band's post:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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