Jack White Gets Credit For Israeli Song That He Had Nothing To Do With

Jack White is responsible for many songs with all the projects he's involved with, right? Having said that, he recently got a songwriting credit for an Israeli song that he had absolutely nothing to do with!

Yup, there's a song called "Toy," by Netta Barzilai that won the 2018 Eurovision song contest (a songwriting contest in Europe) for Israel that you may or may not have heard. The song is a little bizarre with the singer making some interesting noises along with doing an accompanying dance, but it's made a nice impact. In fact, it was said that it “reignited Girl Power for the #MeToo generation.”

With all that said, how does Jack White fit in here?? WELL...it seems that when listening to it, some thought that part of it draws comparison to White Stripes Classic "Seven Nation Army!" So as not to get sued, Jack's name was added to the song credits..something that happens often as a precaution. Do you hear, "Seven Nation Army" in there at all?? They say the part that sounds like it comes up around 1:18 through 1:40, though I recommend watching the whole thing for fun!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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