Have You Been Singing This Blink-182 Lyric Wrong?

How old were you when you realized you've been singing this Blink-182 lyric wrong? Were you "today" years old like a bunch of Blink fans that are currently freaking out?

The band's hit "What's My Age Again" has been around for a long long time, but Blink's Mark Hoppus has just blown fans minds by clearing up a big misconception.

That part in the beginning of the song...did you think it was "I walk alone to get the feeling right?" Well, that's not the lyric...at all. Mark took to Twitter to have fun with the newest internet meme where people are posting something starting with the common phrase "Due to personal reasons...." Well, he finished it with the correct lyric to the song:


All this time you thought it had nothing to do with cologne? Well, you haven't been alone.


Mark then took it even further to make sure you know the truth:


And there you have it!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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