Rare Green Day Recording Released

Green Day has been around for a LONG LONG time, and there are definitely some musical nuggets from their past that we've yet to hear.

One of those has surfaced recently and it goes all the way back to the beginning in 1989! An unreleased track called "Stay" has now found it's way to the internet which goes all the way back to the band's gig opening for Killdozer at Berkeley Square on July 22nd, 1989. While it was recorded live, and that long ago, it actually sounds really good!

Take a listen to the track, and check out their full setlist from the show!



Sweet Children

I Want to Be Alone

Going to Pasalacqua

The One I Want



Don’t Leave Me

I Was There

Jennifer (Unofficial title; only known performance)

1000 Hours

Green Day

At the Library

Disappearing Boy


Maybe Forever (Unofficial title; only known performance)

Dry Ice

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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