Fans Of "The Notebook" Furious At Netflix For Changing The Ending

Most of us have seen the movie The Notebook (either by our own free will or forced by our significant other hah!), right?

Though the movie ends on a pretty sad note, it is fitting with (spoiler alert) the couple passing away together. With that said, some of the movie's biggest fans aren't very happy with fact they're furious! Why's that? Well, they're accusing them of changing the ending to the movie! In the version shown to Netflix users in the UK it instead ends with a bird...flying over a lake. Well, that's less meaningful!

Apparently they've been getting some very angry texts regarding the matter:


Netflix has since responded, saying it wasn't them who actually edited the movie but (in what I guess was a mix up) they're just showing the version they were provided.



Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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