Twenty One Pilots Fans CAN'T Keep Quiet

We all know just how passionate Twenty One Pilots are, right? But can they keep quiet when urged to do so by the band?? Apparently not!

See, during the band's latest tour dates they've been playing "the quiet game," seeing how long the fans can stay silent and timing them. The results have not been good.

The other night the duo figured they'd up the ante too! During their show in Manchester, they figured they'd give the fans a little extra motivation. The deal was they'd have to be stay quiet for 4 seconds or longer. If they succeeded they'd get an extra 3 songs longer than their usual setlists. Sadly, we never found out what those 3 songs would be, as the crowd didn't even make it 2 seconds. Womp womp.

They still did better than the Dublin crowd, who holds the record for shortest time. No crowd has yet to make it. Hah!

Take a look at video from both:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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