Blink-182 Album Will Be Out BEFORE Warped Tour!

We all know that Blink-182 have been in the studio working on their next album, right? Well, as it turns out, the album is coming a lot sooner than most of us may have thought!

Drummer Travis Barker did a new interview with Front Live Entertainment to reveal that the new album will be out BEFORE the band plays Warped Tour!! That's big news as the big show is only a few months away! So by the end of June we will have a new Blink album, which Travis says might be THE MOST important Blink album ever!

“It’s kind of anything goes. It’s the same vibe that was that was going on when we did the self-titled. Literally anything goes. I think we’re creating one of the most important blink albums, so I’m really proud of it.”

“It will definitely be out before the Warped Tour. I think we’ll be wrapped up right after the time we play Back To The Beach.”

So if you're heading to the sold out Warped Tour, you'll be able to sing along to the new songs by then!

Check out the interview:

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