Pete Wentz Gets Slimed On Double Dare

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz is living out every 90s kid's dream: being a contestant on Nickelodeon TV show Double Dare!

As part of a special episode of the show airing before the Kids Choice Awards, some famous nominees are being contestants on the show. One of those contestants gettin all slimy is Pete! While the episode won't air until later this month, a special behind the scenes video was just released showing Pete alongside Shaun White and other celebrities competing on the show.

“I’ve been covered in many substances so far,” Wentz says in the video. “A lot of cold liquids and orange powder of some kind. I grew up watching it, and I remember them stuffing flags in their shirts and stuff. I always wanted to be on it.”

Check out the clip:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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