Oliver Tree Wants To Collaborate With Twenty One Pilots

Oliver Tree's catchy track "Hurt" has been taking over the airwaves recently...and rightfully so! I've definitely heard some people make comparisons between Oliver and the music of Twenty One Pilots! Do you hear it? Well, as it turns out, Oliver would definitely be interested in making a collaboration happen between him and Tyler and Josh!

The other day Oliver took to Instagram to post a few pictures from the hospital to prove that "Hurt" was about when he really did break his wrists and his thumb. One fan took an opportunity in the comments section to request that Oliver link up with TOP. Oliver's response? "Please have them hit me up."

Hmmm...could this turn into a real thing? Do you think TOP would be into it?

Take a look at Oliver's post as well as the specific comment/response!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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