Blink-182's "Nine" Album Was Almost Untitled

In September, Blink-182 releases new album "Nine," as it's their 9th album (depending who you ask at least). But if you think that's simple, their original idea was a lot more basic!

In a new interview Blink's Mark Hoppus has revealed that they originally planned on leaving the album nameless and untitled...except that could have been confusing to fans. The band had already released a self-titled album in 2003 that we already know and love.

“‘NINE’ was something that Travis and I had talked about, and we’d come up with some joke titles and some other kind of things,” Mark said. “We’d originally not wanted to call it anything, and were maybe thinking about just not titling it at all – but we already did that once, so we didn’t know if we should call it ‘Extra Untitled’ or what. So we’re like ‘let’s just call this what number album this is’, and depending on which you think is our first album and which you include, this is nine.”

In another recent interview he did reveal how he comes up with being their 9th album:

“NINE. this is our ninth album, as decided by me and travis,” he began. “some count buddha, some not. some count the mark tom and travis show. some count greatest hits. some count dogs eating dogs. i’m counting buddha, cheshire cat, dude ranch, enema of the state, toypaj, untitled, neighborhoods, califronia, and now NINE.”

As far as the album's colorful cover he says:

“We wanted a very simple album cover – we talked about doing a plain hot pink cover at one point,” Mark said. “Then Travis is friends with Risk who is a graffiti artist back in LA and kind of all around the world – and he does these things called Beautiful Destruction, which is sort of these rainbows which is what we ended up using, one of his paintings on our cover.”

Can't wait to hear the full, titled, album soon!

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