Film Based On The Lumineers New Album Premiering At Film Festival

With the new Lumineers album, "III," the band literally gives us their all...not just in the music!

Along with the album the band has made special shorts for each track which will then be combined together to make a film! Pretty awesome way to tell the story, right??

Well, now the band has announced that the movie will premiere at a film festival!

Come September, attendees of the Toronto International Film Festival will get to see the whole thing together for the first time!

"This short film is about a member of my family whose battle with addiction has led her to rehab, jail, and ultimately homelessness now, for over a year," frontman Wesley Schultz explains in a statement. "We were attempting to make a short film with the album serving as our narrator. I never dreamed it would be premiered at one of the top international film festivals in the world."

Congrats to the band on this awesome achievement!

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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