Circle Pit Started During The Village People's Set At Riot Fest

Last weekend Chicago held their yearly musical festival, Riot Fest, with bands like Blink-182, The Raconteurs, Rancid, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday and....The Village People. While one of those certainly is not like the others fans treated The Village People's set like any other punk rock band's set which made for hilarious results!

How so?? Well the disco band took the stage to play their arsenal of hits and fans decided to break out the "wall of death" and start a circle pit during the sets.

Yup, during the "YMCA" rather than the usual crowd participation this crowd broke out in the "wall of death." This is when the crowd creates a huge line down the center and then rushes at each other when the chorus hits. As if that wasn't enough they also created a mild circle pit during the group's performance of "Macho Man." You'll also spot some crowd surfers as well! Hah!

Check out the fantastic videos:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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