Old But New Music From The Stones

"New" old music from the Stones is on the way as part of the re-issue of their 1974 release 'Goat's Head Soup'. Several tracks have been discovered in the vault. 'Criss Cross' was released a couple weeks back and now 'Scarlet' finally sees the light of day. Although these tracks have probably been bootlegged in the past this will be the first time officially available via commercial release.

The big news here is that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page plays on Scarlet. Did this track really get forgotten? Especially with such a high profile player on the recording? I'm guessing they didn't have a lot of faith in the song and that's why it never made the official album track listing in the first place.

It's certainly not like they missed out on an opportunity at a hit. The song isn't great. But it is fun to hear Page playing with the Stones and for music geek/nerds like me I appreciate it. Would love to have been there when they laid it down on tape.