Judah and the Lion - Suit and Jacket

Every once in a while, a song can come into your life and just connect to what you need in that moment, for me, this one from Judah & The Lion is that song. Here's an excerpt from a Billboard.com interview that'll give you some insight to how important the song is to Judah Akers: 

"I wrote this song after a pretty emotional 2016," says Akers. "In May my first nephew was born; it was a magical time to meet him. And then when June came around my grandpa passed away suddenly. I was very close with him. So I had a pretty reflective season about my life and thought about what I would say to my nephew about life and what advice I would give him. All of that being said, as a writer, I really want to push people towards living life to the fullest and not to just survive. At the end of the day, death on Earth is inescapable. So go live."

Best part about this video? It was filmed FRESH off their Shamrock the Station performance, like hours later. (You can read about it in the article.)



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