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Welcome! I adopted Sydney from PAWS Atlanta back in 2004. I used to volunteer there as well and I have always been supportive of animal rescues. Now that we have moved back to Atlanta I'm excited to work with them again!

PAWS Atlanta is a no-kill facility for dogs and cats. No-Kill means that they give all of the animals in their care, the time, medical attention & behavioral training they need and deserve to thrive. PAWS Atlanta never euthanizes a cat or dog due to space constraints.

They also offer:

Pet Adoption & Foster Services

Bi-monthly Pet Wellness Clinics

Full-time veterinary services for the public

Low cost spay/neutering to reduce pet overpopulation

Discount health preventatives & pet dentals

Behavioral training to keep pets in their homes

Summer Camps for kids to teach the pet parents of tomorrow

A pet food bank for loving owners going through hard times

Senior support & pet matching assistance

Community outreach & education


PAWS Atlanta is governed by a board of directors and a small, but dedicated, staff cares for the pets in their free-roaming cat cottage, small and large dog area, isolation area for sick pets, and their animal intake areas. My favorite part of volunteering was they also have a lovely 3.5 acre walking trail and off-leash area where you can get to know their pets a little better.  

Want to ADOPT? Take a look at some of the eligible candidates below or take a look at their page here 

CATS: http://www.pawsatlanta.org/adopt/cats

DOGS: http://www.pawsatlanta.org/adopt/dogs

Can't adopt but want to help out?

You can VOLUNTEER like I did: http://www.pawsatlanta.org/volunteer

Get in touch with PAWS Atlanta HERE: http://www.pawsatlanta.org/contact-us


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